Salient Features for Fully Automatic
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Fully Automatic
Gas Geyser
Automatic water controlling system  
Water & gas adjusting  
Low start-up pressure  
Smoke flue type  
20mins time setting  
Winter-summer switch  
Impulse double ignition  
Temperature displaying  
Copper heating exchanger&stainless steel burner  
Flame out protection device  
Wind withdrawing protection device  
Anti-dry heating protection device  
Over pressure protection device  
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Fully Automatic
Gas Geyser
Special Features:
Flame Failure Device.  
Incomplete Combustion Device.  
Over heating Safety Device.  
20 Minutes inbuilt Timer.  
High Quality Gas Regulator  
Battery Operated Automatic I. C. Ignition.  
One Year Warranty.  
Adjustment of Flame & Water.  
Technical Data :
Type of Used Gas
Rated Gas Pressure (Pa)
Mode of Ignition
Applicable Wate Pressure (Mpa)
Hot Water Output Per Minute
External Dimensions
(mm) (L*W*H)
Natural Gas
Coal Gas
Water Pressure Controlled Fully Automatic
Technical Comparision :
Required Heat 2500Kcal@88 % µ ¶ 3350Kcal@75 % µ ¶
Cost of Fuel Rs. 20.00 Per Kg. Rs. 4.50 Per Unit.
Req. Fuel 0.21 Kg 3.89 Unit Per Day
Daily Expenses 0.21*20.00 = Rs. 4.2 4.5*3.89 = Rs. 17.50
Monthly Exp. 4.2*30 = Rs. 126 17.50*30 = Rs. 525.6
Yearly Exp. 126*12 = Rs. 1521.00 525.6*12 = Rs. 6300.00
Yearly Saving Rs. 4788.00
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